Jubilee Collection for Spring 2022

It does not feel long ago that I was writing about the brave new world of 2020 and how we were having to adapt but here we are in 2022, ready for the emergence of our favourite wildflowers, the blossoming and blooming of our hedgerows, meadows, hills and dales.  This collection, as always, has been designed by me here in London and I'm so grateful to the talented people who turn my sketches into reality, into the beautiful clothes that I really feel evoke the innocence and simplicity of what it is to be a child, to be making memories, reaching milestones and having adventures.  There is always a sense of nostalgia and heritage in my collections, and the hope is that these clothes will be passed on to other adventurers for the making of more memories and milestones.  The very essence of slow fashion, to be enjoyed time and again from generation to generation.